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We are a group of Bio-Enthusiasts and everything nice!

Board of Directors

Jasmine Alkin


Jasmine has a B Sc. in Life Science and is taking her DIY Bio habit from a hobby to a career. Her vision is for the growth of open community biology where multi-disciplinary collaborations can happen. She enjoys all things biology (natural or synthetic) and has a kneen interest in cell metabolism

Ranvir ‘Rana’ Chaudhri


Rana is a masters of biochemical engineering. His works on unique ideas and strives to push the bounderies of science and what it is capable of.He believes in do-it-yourself for whatever you’re into, the joys of self-directed learning, and friendly sharing of knowledge to better people’s lives.

Carla Spina


A Ph. D in chemistry who interests varies from nanomaterials to molecular gastronomy, she is passionate about enhancing involvement in the sciences and collaborating on unique products

Michael Tardibuono


He is a computer scientist and science enthusiast and is always looking to learn more. In his spare time he likes building small robots and beating people at video games.

Alaina Hardie

Education Outreach

Alaina is computer scientist and has endeavored to become involved in the world of genetics. She has played with more sequencers than the average person and promotes the learning and application of synthetic biology. She helps teach courses at Singularity University and promotes the outreach of science in the Toronto community through organized educational workshops.

Eric Boyd


Eric Boyd he is one of the founding members of DIY Bio T.O. and a senior member of Hacklab TO. Eric has an bachelor in applied science and has co-founded several start ups. He reads Albert’s Molecular Biology of the Cell when he has time and he really believes in the power of biology.


Dennis McCormac

Senior Advisor

Dennis has been active in the molecular biology field for a long time and he is excited to see everyday people take science into their own hands. His exuberant personality will get you pumped up for science!

Andrew Pelling

Senior Advisor

Andrew is in the business of unapologetic curiosity. He is an endurance sports junkie, an experimentalist and likes to break things. Andrew manages a chaotic, creative and anti-disciplinary lab of scientists, artists and engineers. A good day is when the experiments fail and the results still blow your mind.